Friday, December 17, 2010

reunion batch :)

this reunion happened last wednesday at mid valley megamall.the people who attended was niessa, zawin, khairina, ilya, deanna, ammar, wajdi, nadhir, apap, amir and chuubby. when i arrived, i met niessa first. after that, baru jumpa yang lain. we bought movie tickets to see 'due' date' but bila nak masuk tu ada problem sikit. haha. muka tak cukup umur :(

after semua dah sampai, the girls nak makan but the guys wanted to play bowling so we berpisah for a while. what else did we do? bowling, mcd and then balik :) we wondered around the gardens for a while than we went bowling. maccam apa je, hha. maklumlah, dah lama tak main :). niessa broke a nail. i'm too lazy to write some to kahirina and zawin for the pictures

everybody who attended

ds, ilya, niessa, amina

niessa, amina, zawin, ds

meet zawin :)

meet zawin (again)

meet niessa :)

meet kairina :)

picking the lightest ball, hha

frustration :(

going home already :)


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