Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cow day :)

my sister loves cows, that is why i call her cow, haha. moooo much? haha. yesterday, i went out with my sister and brother to the curve. we went around 11, not that early because we woke up late. hehe.when we arrived, we headed to ikano. we were shopping for new clothes and shoes :) i love shopping :) my brother buat muka, he doesn't enjoy shopping but whic boy does? hha.

my bro trying photography :)
tak jadi, hha

good job bro :)

we went to padini and then kitschen :) the clothes were damn nice. love it :) my bro was so damn bored, haha. we told him if he liked anything tell us but he didn't want clothes. he wanted LEGO ?! apalah budak kecil ni, haha. my sis said no laa. not needed pun lego tu kan? he pun merajuk sorang-sorang. emo ke bobby? haha. still love you fatty :)

after penat shopping, we went to kenny rogers. yummy. the chicken was fantastic. i had mine with mash potatoes, mac & cheese and rice. my mouth is watering just by writing about it :) it took a long time just to pick a restaurant. sekejap italiannies, subway, sakae sushi, dome and so on. but kenny rogers was it, haha. so tiring, walking everywhere :) but soo worth it :)

my brother wanted a naruto headband so my sis pun bought for him. he's soo adorable when he's happy :) awwww. he finally purchased something. now he keeps wearing it everywhere. annoying! but extremely cute. haha. ada jual serkup naruto jugak. nak beli? pergi the curve :) btw, see those bunch of dolls? i tagged my friends :) haha. tkder kerja :)

we already booked tickets for meet the parents- little fockers at cineleisure :) it was soo damn awesome. the movie was hilarious! laugh like hell in the cinema but everyone was laughing so tak segan pun, haha. i was suprised that it wasn't 18pl because the movie was quite sick but nasib baik jugak or not my bro confirm tak boleh go in. why? shortie pants :) lols we prayed and watched the movie at 3.05p.m. 

amazing cast :)
ben stiller
owen wilson
jessica alba
robert de niro
barbara streisand
dustin hoffman

*cuak camera kena rampas in the cinema = = '

after the movie, my siblings and i bad mood. why? bekas camera hilang. nasib baik jumpa balik at padini. phewww :) haha. we headed to tutti frutti afterwards, my mom was already on the way to fetch us. first we just shared a small cup. but kiteorg memang pelahap so we bought a bigger size cup later, haha. my mom already came, so we ate in the car. yum yum. added gummy bears, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, corn flakes and banana :) oh soo yummy

i had a great time. thanks parents! thanks siblings! it was a treat for getting 8A's :)
i love you all so much <3


last day

why last? it was the last day i could probably hangout with amal and aiman. i already planned to meet amal but jumpa azim and aiman for a while je la. me, amal, bro, adri, nadim, navil, auntu azura and aunty jun saw tron: legacy. it was 6/10 for me. the story isn't funny :( at all! it was also slow but the action was okay la and the effects. but seriously , the movie could have gone better :(

after the movie, we ate at the chicken rice shop. while waiting for the food, we went to mph. amal wanted to look for a book. 'romeo and juliet'. classic :) after that, we went and pray. i was hungry, so we went to tutti frutti. yummy. best frozen yogurt ever created. haha. after that , we just walked around. we went back at 5.30. aiman and azim tumpang us to a train station to bangsar. my mom tolong hantarkan. no pictures. but here is my bro and me. :) 

yes, i love my brother very much :)
for now, he's the only boy i need in my life :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

disaster =='

why disaster? haha. well, i decided to make muffins today and it didn't turn out in a way i wanted. firstly, it doesn't taste good! secondly, i spilled flour everywhere. thirdly, ants attacked! haha. i made chocolate chip muffins. i did it all alone. hha. that is why it turned out bad :( i wanted to do chocolate muffins but tak jadi . too lazy :) here is the ingredient so that you can try it :)

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 1/3 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 3 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 1/2 of vanilla extract
  • 4 egg whites 
  • 2 eggs
  • chocolate chips (as much as you want)

look at the mess i made, haha. 
good thing i didn't get scolded

it took almost 3 hours to get all the cup cakes done. i made about 30 cupcakes :)
the last time i checked, the cupcakes were almost finished
family yang pandai jaga hati, lols

here are the cupcakes after it was done :)

different shapes :)

after i made the cupcakes, i helped my maid make roti bom :)
future staff at the mamak shop?
maybe :)

i was really tired afterwards. tired of being the baker for the day. baker laa sangat.
i hope the next time i do it, the cupcakes turn out great :)

lazy to wear my tudung properly :)
saya memang suka syok sendiri


Saturday, December 25, 2010

mrsm :)

i am proud to be one of the mrsm students :)

i will be going back to mrsm pasir salak next tuesday. not even studying until february. but hopefully, i can get in mrsm taiping. sekolah idaman dikatakan :) pray for me alot. i really do wanna go in taiping. but if i don't get in it's okay. i'll just stay in pasir salk and i will still be proud :)

mrsm taiping 

pray that i get in

syukur :)

terima kasih kepada ALLAH, guru, ibubapa dan kawan. :)

lazy to say much,
but i got 8A's
and i am soo thankful for that 

congrats too :
ayesha j
dek mok
srah twins
dayana twins
mia mat akhir
mia rosli
aiman asri
deanna s

thats all i can remember. congrats too all :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


tomorrow i may be either 

the HAPPIEST person alive :) 
the SADDEST person alive :(

it all depends on my PMR results.
please pray for me always


only ALLAH is allowed to judge me,
everything ALLAH does for me has good intentions
if i don't achieve what i want tomorrow
i hope ALLAH expects me to reach higher goals in life 

but please,
oh please!!

semoga saya menadapat 8A


Monday, December 20, 2010



i just wanna share something to help all of the calon pmr lose the butterflies in their stomaches :)

these are a few moves that can help you stay nearer to ALLAH :)

* wajib dilakukan !!

*try doing it everyday
*dikatakan kalau dibuat dalam 12 rakaat, ALLAH akan memakbulkan hajat kita

*kalau dapat 8A, apa salahnya kita membalas jasa

*hubungan antara keluarga/kawan/guru perlu dijaga
*don't be rude to your PARENTS

*read it !!
*hafal surah yang baru 

i'm not saying i'm alim or anything good. i am just giving advice. it is your choice to do it or not. i hope you all make the right choice. lakukannya dengan ikhlas dari hati :)

terima kasih. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

8A ?

every form three in malaysia is freaking out. why? results are going to be released this thursday! 23 december baby :( what do i feel? i will tell you :(

  • 0% confidence 
  • scared to death
  • get this over with 
  • please everyone instead of myself
  • regrets
  • bertawakal
  • shock !
well this emotions are killing me man! i think i can't do it but tolonglah! hanya ALLAH yang berhak mengatakan aku layak atau tidak untuk menadapat 8A. aku berharap usaha yang telah dilakukan sudah mencukupi untuk mencapai 8A. tolonglah hamba-Mu yang lemah ini YA ALLAH !

bahasa melayu
bahasa inggeris
pendidikan islam
kemahiran hidup

- amin -