Friday, December 10, 2010

inu and yasha

first of all, i didn't know what to put as the title, lols :). well yesterday, amal and i went to mid valley to watch a movie. we watched narnia and rapunzel. i liked rapunzel better because it was way funnier, hha. narnia is quite boring for me :( even if we watched it in 3D. well first of all, i woke up and bathed. my mom and dad went to a hospital. so, i didn't leave so early in the morning. so, i had breakfsast while waiting. nasi goreng <3

we had to himpit in the car a little bit because my mom had to send my grandma and my cousins to digital mall. my mom dropped my sister off at her friend's house and then she took amal and brought us to mid valley.  when we arrived we went straight to gsc. we were deciding which movie to watch. i wanted to see due date soo badly but amal wanted to see rapunzel (again). so, we picked a movie we both would enjoy and watched narnia in 3D instead :)

the movie was at 1.40, so we decided to eat first. we went to the lowest floor yang banyak fast food restaurants. we finally chose to eat at mcdonalds. sumpah, ramai gila in mcd that time. haha. i looked weirdly at amal because she ate fries with ice-cream but that is her thing, haha. that time baru 12.30 so we chatted for quite a while laa. after tha, i went to the surau, usual place, next to jusco :). that time baru masuk waktu so tak ramai orang laa.

after that we terus ke gsc. it was already 1.40, so we were scared the movie dah start tapi iklan kan lama, hha. it was a thursday but still got ramai orang, maklumlah, ramai baru habis spm, haha. so the mall was filled with spm students. we wanted to buy popcorn but the line was freaking long so we went in terus. luckily the movie didn't start yet. rupanya, ada popcorn kat dalam tu so we bought popcorn there je la.

we were quite bengang at the guy who sold the popcorn. damn slow man. tapi dapat jugak at last, lols. we enterd the cinema and took our seats. our row atas sekali , hujung sekali. best kan. haha. there were four seats. i thought there wasn't gonna be anyone beside me but suddenly there was a couple. amal and i were laughing like hell because we had to wear 3D glasses. i already wore spectacles. so, it was like a double layer la kan, haha.

narnia was quite boring. not satisfied at all, haha. after we went out of the cinema. amal was like "lets watch another movie" and i said "okay, but what story?" , she replied "rapunzel!", and i'm like "hell no!!" and she was like "why?!". and i said "i don't like cartoons!". yupp, thats right i only like cartoons that is damn funny. amal said to me "i'll pay if we watch rapunzel!" and i said "fine! haha"

so, we went to buy tickets. the next session was at 4.45. sempat la jugak. so, i prayed asar before that. after that, we headed straight for gsc. tak beli popcorn pun because i was damn full that time, haha. rapunzel was freaking awesome! seriously, haha. the hero 'eugene' lols was damn funny! sumpah tak rugi tengok that citer, lols. the horse 'maximus' was also freaking hilarious.  amal and i didn't stop laughing, lols.

after the movie, that time was already 6.30 i called my mom. she said she'll be there by 7.00. so we bought milk and cheese for amal's mom at jusco. prayed maghrib and went in the car. i sent amal to her house first. after that, i went home. bathed and prayed. well, i guess thats all people, till then.

this are pictures i took after arriving home. that time tengah hyper, lols


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