Saturday, December 4, 2010

W E D N E S D A Y :)

yes, you thought right. this happened to me last wednesday :) i went out with khalisah, amal and raudah. we went everywhere lah, haha. the curve, ikea and ikano power centre :) it was great fun! FYI, i am best friends with amal since middle school while khalisah is my best friend in boarding school. raudah turns out to be khalisah's best friend since middle school as i am in boarding school, haha.

so, we all have this connection you see :) that is why we wanted to hang out together. i came with amal since i slept over her house. her mom dropped us of at ikano. when i called khalisah, she was at popular with raudah. i didin't know my way in ikano that well. so, amal and i was searching the building is what we called it, lols. we saw cold storage, padini, speedy, harvey norman, dome and loads more. it turns out popular was at the highest floor! haha. penat memanjat escalator : D

after we met in popular, we just looked around. checking out books. as you all know, amal is a total bookworm, so she went crazy as usual, lols :) after that , amal and i heard justin bieber's song 'one time' ! as we are officially beliebers now, we went crazy! haha. we started to go to a shelf that had justin bieber's album. and we started to hold it and mime , haha. the sales person were staring at us as if we were crazy. 

we wanted to grab a bite, so we were looking for any good restaurants. first, we wanted baskin robbins but amal was hungry , so she wanted something heavy. as we walked on, we wanted to go to cineleisure. we all wanted to see a good movie. rapunel maybe.  but khalisah's mom didin't allow us, so it was a no go. we all just decided to eat instead. at last, we chose to eat at the chicken rice shop, yummy :)

it was a feast of course! haha. after that, we just walked around. we spent most of our time at the restaurant because there was alot of things we needed to catch up on such as gossip, haha :) after that, we prayed and then amal's mom told her to get some grocery items. so, we went to cold storage. khalisah and raudah went to popular because raudah wanted to buy a book.

took us a long time to get the things her mom wanted. one of the items was fresh milk. as amal was looking through some long beans, i volunteered to get the milk. when i went there, there was this huge dude there! haha. there was two guys actually. they were workers. worse comes to worse as the brand that amal wants was between the two dudes! so. i couldn't get the milk : D

but at last , the grocery shopping was done! yaay! we went to padini to meet again. browse some clothes that were pretty nice. we all headed to ikea to get some ice-cream. after that, we bid farewell as our moms wanted us to go home.we hugged each other and i told khalisah "jumpa balik when ambil results! haha" omg! pmr results are around the corner, so scary!


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