Monday, December 13, 2010

grandma's 70th birthday :)

okay, this happened like on saturday but i tak sempat to update my blog. my grandma nik rahimah has recently turned 70 on december 2nd. but we wanted all the family members to be there so we did it on a saturday :). there were three cakes, haha, because my aunt, my other aunt and grandma bought cake. there were carrot cake, chocolate cake and black forrest cake. yummy :) baki cake is still there, lols :) 

here are some pictures i took :)

raihan, rayyan and sarah 

raihan, amina, rayyan 

sarah, adam,imran, razim

cake cutting time :) 

everyone's enjoying the cake :)

cake cake cake :)

that is carrot cake. meet rayyan :) 

razim, amira, imran, adam :)

chocolate cake :)

carrot cake :) 

raihan, amina

rayyan, amina

okaayyy, there weren't any pictures of my grandma because she was entertaining the guest, sorry granny. :( my cousins and i pulak went to a bedroom upstairs after the ceremony. took pictures , tak sedar diri, haha

we just finished pmr ! hooray :)

rayyan *candid :)

rayyan adorable :)

tiga sekaki :)

raihan and me :)

raihan pretty :)

we got seriosly bored after that :( all the grown-ups were talking downstairs :)
so, we played UNO! haha , lols. *fun fun fun

i guess that will be all for now, till then !


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