Sunday, February 6, 2011

the green bee :)

lazy to say much,
i went to mid valley today,
bought stuff for boarding school,
and watched the green hornet :)
rating? 8/10
it was awesome with jay chou in it
SO HOT ! hha.

ps : i'm back in mrsm pasir salak tomorrow :( goodbye :( not sure when is my next holiday. hope it is soon :) 

junior :)

budak ni memang i sayang :)
she always listen to my problem :)
junior terbaik :)

YES SHE IS ! hha

study for your pmr :)
i know you can do it :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


i'm drenched in my own tears now.
i hate you soo fucking bad!
i'm crying while i write this. 
you think you're soo great.
just because you're pretty and shit
guess what
pretty ain't enough bitch
i thought i was calmed just now
 did one little mistake 
and you used it against me
just go to hell 
you may have everything now
but you're nothing but a bully
my blog is my diary and i write what i'm feeling
what i did was wrong 
but it wasn't evil
i hope to start fresh next week
and forget you exist
you may not know i'm crying
because you think i have no heart
but a retarded fool like me 
has a freaking heart
my tears are almost gone
i fucking hate you
and you know it! 

everyone !

hello people !

i hate my life :(
everyone is shit, they treat me as if i have no feelings
you can die ?

Y E S 

i learned that if we backstab someone, we feel good . 
but actually we're pathetic 
a loser

i feel angry because i actually call some of you people 'friends'
it sounds disgusting now since i met you :(

i hope you suffer the way i do.
i am sensitive 
i enjoy crying

just shut up.
don't tell me to stop being moody or crying 
because i feel relaxed when i do.

you people want fame or popularity?
you're just a fucking loser! 

because once you grow up
reality will hit your ugly face
and then you realised that studies are important!

and that is what makes you a 'somebody' is this awful world !
i'm not saying i don't enjoy gossiping but i have my limits
and maybe i'll try to stop
because i'll just be at the same level as those whores

whoever terasa,
you're the damn bitch 
who made me write this

so change your attitude 
and i'll also try to become a better person

Friday, February 4, 2011

last hangout for niessa

on the 1st of february, me, sarah, niessa, zawin, khrnaa, yusof, chubby, amir, aiman, aziz, and pyan pegi pavi. niessa is about to move to kampar. so, this is the last time we get to hangout with niessa in kl. pagi-pagi ambik sarah in gombak, then we headed out to kl sentral. we met niessa in mcdonald's. beli ice-cream. breakfast ;)

credit to sarah diana for the pictures : D

after that, we headed to monorel. dstination? IMBI, haha. we were heading to time square first after that pergi pavi. when we sampai there tengok movie tickets. sumpah kosong! tak ramai orang. macam tak meriah laa pulak , haha. we decided to watch movie at pavi. but kiteorg bertiga lepak dulu at ts sementara tunggu the others nak sampai. suddenly chubby call niessa. they said that they were at pavi already. so, we had to walk all the way there :)

we met khrnaa, zawin, amir, chubby and yusof at maybank. we headed to pavi later. penat gila weyy. haha. zawin handed me her camera :) thanks ween :) apa lagi, i snap pictures laa. sarah also brought her camera , she pun snap la sekali :)

after that, we headed to gsc. tengok khurafat. sumpah scary . hha. i want a freaking refund ! haha. not worth my money. asyik sorok belakang sarah je kerja, haha. but the plot and sound effects of the movie was damn good :) really sunspens. my compliments to shamsul yusof :). he is so adorable with liyana jasmay :)

after that makan at kfc. then jumpa aziz, aiman and pyan. tak makan sangat pun, haha. after that sarah and me, browse for shops. window shopping dikatakan :) thank you jadi peneman hari tu :) well thats it i guess, malas nak write some more.