Friday, March 18, 2011

finally :)

i finally watched beastly with amal ! haha. it was awesome but the movie was short. 1 hour and 20 minutes :) but i cried and laugh, it was epic :) alex pettyfer was soo freaking hot! vanessa was beautiful. i dunno why people dislike her but i think she's a great actress :) what else did we do? amal bought the dvd she wanted and we went to tutti frutti :) yum. i am too lazy to write some more. till then :)

tiring but fun :D

i woke up and got a miscall from sarah diana , it was 8.33am . i terus call her. she was with nano. terbangun lambat, haha. by nine i war ready. but gerak dari rumah at 9.30 cause nak betulkan shawl pun setengah jam kan :) hha. my mum sent me to the lrt station . i was heading to kl sentral. meeting niessa, nano and sarah there. i met them at mcd. then terus gerak pergi monorel.

we met chubby in time square and then we gerak pergi pavillion. then we met zawin there. 5 girls and 1 boy, hha. kesian chubby, haha. don't worry , he has niessa. we bought tickets for the movie 'rango'. super funny. but before that, we ate at the food court. niessa- mee apa entah, nano- nasi paprik, sarah and zawin- pasta and me- asam laksa, chubby- d i e t , haha. wow! kenyang : d

after the movie, me, sarah, nano and zawin pergi ronda-ronda, :). nano met her friend, i think her name was fatin. she was nice. after that, we ronda-ronda some more :) penat kaki. then , we ate ice-cream at baskin robbins. i think i remember the flavours, :) zawin- strawberry cheese cake bla bla bla, sarah- = =' , nano - cookies and cream and me- paralines and cream , yummy!

credit to nynanano and zawin for the pictures : D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

homework :(

hello people :)
i just got back for my holiday :)
but sadly, my homework seumpama untuk setahun. hha.

list of homework;
add math
math mode

arrggghhh :( :( :(