Friday, December 3, 2010

T U E S D A Y :)

sorry pople! haven't been updating lately. as you can see the title. the events i am about to tell you happened last tuesday :) that day i went out with amal and izzat to one utama. this is because i wanted to see harry potter so badly, hehe. amal saw it already but said that it was too awesome! so she watched it (again) haha. i arrived at one utama first. they were 20 mins late but it was okay. so, i bought the tickets first.

i arrived there at 12.15. we were all suppose to be there at 12 but everyoune came a little bit later :) the tickets yang paling early for harry potter was at 2.40. what ?! so lambat right. nasib baik dapat seats that were further from the screen :) i bought four thinking izzat's sister came along but tak pun. she went with her friends. tak pasal-pasal izzat had to pay extra to me, lols,

when they arrived , i was in mph. checking out the new 'true blood' novels. suddenly, my phone rang, it was amal. she said to me "i'm behind you!" and i was like "wtf?!" but when i turned, she wasn't even there. "shit la you, amal azhari!" haha. but at last bertembung juga. apa lagi, bebel lah, haha. "you guys ni, so late!" buat memekak telinga diorang, lols. 

since the movie started lambat lagi, we decided to eat first. we first wanted pizza so we were like searching for 'pizza hut' tapi tak jumpa. so we assumed the shop had moved or something. so, we went to burger king instead. then izzat was like "you guys are girls! aren't you guys afraid to get fat? haha" and we were like "but we're hungry man! so we don't really care, haha". 

so, after that. we headed to the surau. after solat sudah selesai, headed to the cinema in gsc. bought popcorn and terus entered the cinema. the movie didin't start yet. what a relief, pheww. :) this is something yang agak memalukan, haha. guess what? we had to go to our seats which was quite atas la. when we reached there there was this two dudes sitting in our seats. and he told us that our seats were at the other end

so, we thought that we made the mistake la. we had to make a u-turn. if you get me. go all the way down and come back up to the other end! *penat. when we reached there, it turns out that our seats was where those dudes were sitting! bengang yang teramat, argghh. so we had to make another u-turn laa! everyone at the cinema pandang pelik je at kiteorg. 

maklumlah, macam nampak crazy people asyik memusing je. and when we arrive there , they were at the seat below, they said "sorry dik, abang tersilap" amboi! sorry isn't enough mister! nasib baik the movie tak start lagi. the movie was awesome laa. rupert grint was oh so handsome. he and hermoine are soo sweet together. loving this pair, haha. they keep fighting in the movie but the still love each other :)

after the movie ended, izzat's sister tagged along with us. his sister is so much prettier than i remembered her to be! *feeling ugly, lols. we prayed asar first and then amal said that she had to buy another book. so, we accompanied her to buy the last series of the vampire diaries. then i saw a book about justin bieber :) he is so hot mann. i just love justin bieber <3 don't you?

so, after that we went to dvd stores. amal was looking for this korean drama called 'yuhee the witch'. and then we went to famous amos. munch munch some cookies and then izzat called his dad to pick us up. yupp, thats right , amal and i tumpang izzat. his dad was going to send us to amal's house. sleeping over there. guess thats it for now. have more to update. bye-bye :)


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