Thursday, December 15, 2011

yeahh !

finally met my bestfriend amal azhari :)
hm, we watched new year's eve :)
it was cool
finally had my hot and roll, mengidam ohh
we story sory and story je lebih
maklumlah lama tak jumpa =,=


okayyy, alot to tell, hmm
i slept at zawin's house for 5 days, lama kan?
hha, hm , niat nak pergi tuition
but hanging out yang  lebih, hha.
wednesday ; 
plaza shah alam
restaurant mamak
tutti frutti
slept at 2am =='
on call

bangun lambat
plaza shah alam

ktm shah alam
kl sentral 
ombak rindu
asam laksaa

rock the world
time square
secret recipe
sports world shah alam
sunway pyramid
laksa shack
baskin robbins

*phewww penat but enjoyable :)
thank you zawin and family 

Sunday, December 4, 2011


hm, my sis ajak kluar last minute,
so, me and my bro hangout at klcc while my sis went to wangsa walk
we watched arthur's christmas, very nice family movie :)
ohh yaa, masa tu 8 lebih, i tengah tunggu waktu isyak at the surau,
i text ramai orang kutt including sarah, nyna, haikal, syaripp and syaz.
i tanya diorang dah masuk waktu belum.
nyna kebetulan reply 
''sorry. aku dekat klcc''
so, jumpa laa si dek mok aku ni , hha.
she went shopping with her sis and mom
mummy dia total cutie :)
they ajak makan but we had to rush sbb nk beli tickets for lrt.
so, terpaksa say noo :( next time, lol.
sale everywhere! hha
i found a phone i like <3
hopefully can get that phone :)
that day was saturday,
so ramai gila orang
families everywhere! susah jalan ohh =='
nak beli makanan pun susah
every shop macam sesak
tiring but awesome :) 

nie la si dek mok aku, hha
she was eating with her mum and sis
that time dah kul 10 so jumpa sekejap je :)

ni kat station taman melati
penat doee tunggu my sis ==,
that time dah pukul 11 malam kutt
nasib baik my bro ada :)


Thursday, December 1, 2011


why finally?
because dari last week plan nak jumpa = ='
finally dapat jumpa :)
a great day with nyna anda sarah and aiman
adik nyna jd photographer ;) lol
since duduk sg buloh nie lecehhh ohh nk gerak kl = ='
i had to take ktm from sg buloh to kl sentral 
40 minutes trip , so tired
kena tukar trip pulak tu,
once sampai kl sentral, kena beli ticket to klcc
beratur panjang gila ohh :(
if ada peneman takpe jugak, hha
anyway, we watched breaking dawn
scene akhir buat gempak je, hha

Monday, November 28, 2011


hello people .
today was boring = ='
my sis went to sleep at her friend's house
so i have no one to share my stories with
but life goes on

i did inai today thanks to my sister :) hee
we also had fun lookin at hana tajima's style
hana tajima is a freaking fashion icon <3

Saturday, November 26, 2011

hello :D

i know its been awhile since i updated but i've been kind of busy,
well, so far holidays are pretty boring ==', hha
i need some miracle to make me hyper, hha. 

go to genting, hell yeah
watch as many movies as possible, plus popcorn
finish my homework =='
karaoke-ing B)
go to a beach,
meet bob <3
terserempak with people i dream of meeting , lol
sleep as long as i want
eat all he food i crave for, yummy

Sunday, September 4, 2011

happy eid :)

H A P P Y     E I D      E V E R Y B O D Y   !

i hope you all had an enjoyable raya, 
i know i did, haha.
thanks to all the kuih raya and rendang :)
not forgetting the MONEY ! hha

first day ;

2nd day ;

3rd day ;

4th day ;

Monday, August 29, 2011


we came her for bm debate. it was cool! between utp and uitm.
utp won but uitm was great too.

mrsm pasir salakk

minggu aktiviti!

dah lama dah = ="
just no time to update. 
cam whoring kat padang! hha