Wednesday, December 29, 2010

last day

why last? it was the last day i could probably hangout with amal and aiman. i already planned to meet amal but jumpa azim and aiman for a while je la. me, amal, bro, adri, nadim, navil, auntu azura and aunty jun saw tron: legacy. it was 6/10 for me. the story isn't funny :( at all! it was also slow but the action was okay la and the effects. but seriously , the movie could have gone better :(

after the movie, we ate at the chicken rice shop. while waiting for the food, we went to mph. amal wanted to look for a book. 'romeo and juliet'. classic :) after that, we went and pray. i was hungry, so we went to tutti frutti. yummy. best frozen yogurt ever created. haha. after that , we just walked around. we went back at 5.30. aiman and azim tumpang us to a train station to bangsar. my mom tolong hantarkan. no pictures. but here is my bro and me. :) 

yes, i love my brother very much :)
for now, he's the only boy i need in my life :)



  1. okay je laa, haha
    the movie quite sloww for me.
    action tk bnyk