Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cow day :)

my sister loves cows, that is why i call her cow, haha. moooo much? haha. yesterday, i went out with my sister and brother to the curve. we went around 11, not that early because we woke up late. hehe.when we arrived, we headed to ikano. we were shopping for new clothes and shoes :) i love shopping :) my brother buat muka, he doesn't enjoy shopping but whic boy does? hha.

my bro trying photography :)
tak jadi, hha

good job bro :)

we went to padini and then kitschen :) the clothes were damn nice. love it :) my bro was so damn bored, haha. we told him if he liked anything tell us but he didn't want clothes. he wanted LEGO ?! apalah budak kecil ni, haha. my sis said no laa. not needed pun lego tu kan? he pun merajuk sorang-sorang. emo ke bobby? haha. still love you fatty :)

after penat shopping, we went to kenny rogers. yummy. the chicken was fantastic. i had mine with mash potatoes, mac & cheese and rice. my mouth is watering just by writing about it :) it took a long time just to pick a restaurant. sekejap italiannies, subway, sakae sushi, dome and so on. but kenny rogers was it, haha. so tiring, walking everywhere :) but soo worth it :)

my brother wanted a naruto headband so my sis pun bought for him. he's soo adorable when he's happy :) awwww. he finally purchased something. now he keeps wearing it everywhere. annoying! but extremely cute. haha. ada jual serkup naruto jugak. nak beli? pergi the curve :) btw, see those bunch of dolls? i tagged my friends :) haha. tkder kerja :)

we already booked tickets for meet the parents- little fockers at cineleisure :) it was soo damn awesome. the movie was hilarious! laugh like hell in the cinema but everyone was laughing so tak segan pun, haha. i was suprised that it wasn't 18pl because the movie was quite sick but nasib baik jugak or not my bro confirm tak boleh go in. why? shortie pants :) lols we prayed and watched the movie at 3.05p.m. 

amazing cast :)
ben stiller
owen wilson
jessica alba
robert de niro
barbara streisand
dustin hoffman

*cuak camera kena rampas in the cinema = = '

after the movie, my siblings and i bad mood. why? bekas camera hilang. nasib baik jumpa balik at padini. phewww :) haha. we headed to tutti frutti afterwards, my mom was already on the way to fetch us. first we just shared a small cup. but kiteorg memang pelahap so we bought a bigger size cup later, haha. my mom already came, so we ate in the car. yum yum. added gummy bears, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, corn flakes and banana :) oh soo yummy

i had a great time. thanks parents! thanks siblings! it was a treat for getting 8A's :)
i love you all so much <3


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