Monday, November 29, 2010


don't think macam macam babe. ku masih setia dengan si monyet okay, haha. bobby is the nickname for my lil brother :) that picture above was at a wedding in bangsar. comel tak dia? haha . love you brother. miss you, BUNCITTT :) haha. he's gonna be 12 next year ;) U P S R ?!  yess baby ! 5A for my baby. aminn !

i am a definite b2sty :)

b e a s t

as you can see my title, you probably wonder what is b2sty right? b2sty is a code name for the fans which includes me :) meet one of my fav korean boy groups b e a s t :) also known as b2st. they have six people in the group including hyun seung, gi kwang, do joon, dong woon, yo seob and jun hyung. their hits such as shock, bad girl, mystery, breathe, beautiful and mastermind has been rocking my ears :) this is their new music video , beautiful. have a look . its awesome. and they're so adorable and hot too!

if you have watched the video, it says to be continued right? well it it will be continued in their new song . it hasn't been released yet. but it will.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

oliver sykes and amanda hendrick ;)

this is a dedication to this oh so awesome pair. they love each other and i find it so adorable. he is a hot rockstar while she is a model. totally awesome pair. love them :) hope their relationship last until like forever baby ;) even if i have a crush on oli , its okay, i'll get through. haha.

Friday, November 26, 2010

a day with people i adore

yesterday i woke up and terus mandi, haha. meeting amal at her house at 9.45. picked my outfit and terus on computer, hha. chatted with nano for a while. she said she was going out but rupanyer lain venues. wore tudung and terus pergi rumah dia in sri hartamas. didin't have breakfast mann, lapar like shit, haha.

went with my brother too. my mom dropped me of at amal's house and i terus pergi bilik amal. she baru habis mandi, haha. i was hungry so we ate some cookies and drank green tea. the time was already 11 , so we rushed to one utama. her mom drove us there. bring brothers sekali because wanted to spend more time with those little brats, haha.

we did two movies megamind and ngangkung. megamind was at 12 while nangkung at 2. habis je megamind terus go to the next cinema, haha. megamind was hilarious la, haha. seriously. tak henti henti gelak like losers in the cinemas. when people didin't laugh pun we laugh like maniacs , haha.

when we watched megamind the cinema was half filled. this is because we went to tgv at the old wing. in one utama got two cinemas , tgv and gsc. gsc lagi baru so many people watched movies there instead in tgv. to avoid alot of people we went to tgv je. but bila tengok ngangkung, hampehh, haha. the movie was okay but behind us got this group of boys yang sumpah kecoh, haha. tak reti tutup mulut ke? seriously annoying :( diorang sempat mengorat the worker there.

when hantu mucul they laugh their asses of, seriously no respect at all. kecoh la okay :( me and amal pula was scared like crazy man. maklumlah nampak hantu, haha. but the ghost not that scary but still kiteorg menggigil, haha. it was like jangan pandang belakang congkak la, haha. but not as funny. the movie was funny at first tapi got sad at the ending. spoil mood betul, haha. oh yeah. shaheizy sam pun hot giler kutt. love him for an actor babe, haha. he's handsome right?

lepas movie, my stomach was growling. hungry! haha. terus aim at sushi and california rolls. yummy :) amal bought pretzels. eat eat eat and burp ;) hahaha. our brothers was with amal's mom. but before balik amal had to buy a book. so, we headed to mph laaa. nak go where else right? haha. she bought the fourth book of vampire diaries and this other book (forgot title) she is a bookworm! seriously man. but i still love her, haha.

after that we went back to amal's house and suddenly she asked to sleepover. asked permission from my parents. permission granted. yes! haha. borrowed her clothes laa since didin't bring any baju, haha. what did we do next eh? forgot laa, hha. oh yeah. we on the computer and watched iPsycho. it was crazy, haha. laughed our butts off, as usual. 

after that , we did something crazy. made a music vdeo. haha. the first song was cody simpson ft flo rida - iyiyi and then lagu justin bieber- love me. haha. we wore caps and dandan rambut laa. macam orang gila. laughed like hell when i saw the video balik, lols. then watched tv pulak. american music award baby. wanted to see justin bieber actually :) the winners are justin bieber, rihanna, usher, lady antebellum, taylor swift and muse. the ones that i remembered laa.

then we went to the bed and slept till morning. when i woke up the phone was ringing ' i've been waiting, waiting for you .....' haha (ringtone).  my mom said that she is coming at 11. and i was like what?! so okayy la. sambung tidur, haha. bangun again and took a shower. ate breakfast with amal. talk talk talk and then brother baru balik from swimming. tell him to get ready. i called my mom and she was already here. 

salam aunty and said goodbye to amal, haha. went in the car and mommy drove all the way back home. when i balik terus on computer and updated my bloggy, haha. sorry people no pictures of us at on utama yesterday. didin't have time to take pictures because asyik in cinema jerr, haha. well i guess that is about it. till then  


Thursday, November 25, 2010

current hottie

meet oliver sykes :) he's 24 and i love him. love me back?

obsessed ?

by the title already you could already guess what i am about to say. its me who's obsessing about a person not the other way around. pathetic? i know :( while some people adore singers and actors, i adore people with real lives! i know right? if i find someone who is interesting i'll find out about them.

there is this one girl named f****. and you can say i'm a big fan of her. she is like a korean character you know? she is damn pretty and totally looks like a doll. you can say she is perfect. except the lack of knowledge towards islam. not saying i am alim. i even know who is she with and who are her bff and ex. i'm like a stalker kan?so creepy of me, lols.

don't be scared dear. just a fan :) 

Monday, November 22, 2010

three :)

since the beginning of this holidays i have only managed to watch three movies. all of them were good.
i watched adele: rise of the mummy, takers and unstoppable. rise of the mummy was okay but lack of romance and action but it was still good :) takers was awesome. hayden so hot man ! too bad he died in the movie :( unstoppable was great too. lots of action. love it :D 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

penang + graduation :D

congratulations!! haha. that is my older sister, sarah naima bt ibrahim khalid : D she is 17 and is schooling in mrsm taiping. she graduated last saturday with second class upper honors. so proud of her. she got 3.49!!! sikit lagi boleh dapat 1st class but still good , haha. semoga berjaya for spm baby. 9A+ in your hands :) i lovee you big sister ..

i also stayed in a hotel in penang from friday till sunday, haha. spent time with my grandma and grandpa there. we went to gurney drive and ate laksa and sotong bakar! yummy : D we also went to the beach but tak swim pun. just played with the sand, haha. here is some pictures ;)


Friday, November 5, 2010

majlis tahlil :D

my granduncle passed away several weeks ago :( we pray for him always. may Allah bless his soul always. he died of bone cancer. he left his wife, two children and three grandchildren in tears :( hope their family stay strong.  well today was the majlis tahlil in honor of him. we baca Yaasin for him and hope he will be among orang-orang yang alim. you were a great son, brother, husband, father and friend to all the people around you.

here are several pictures i manage to take after the ceremony 
eyes closed. don't ask why

mommy :)
cousin alif ! so adorable :)
cousins :) amiraa and nashitaa
most of the relatives went back already

i guess this is it for now :)

moonwalk vs gee dance


today was funny, haha. well, i was on my facebook and then chatted faridzal. suddenly, we started challenging ourselves! haha. he challenge me buat moonwalk while i challenge him to do the gee dance, haha. super funny! he didin't know how the gee dance was, so i told him to search at youtube.

 after he watched the music video, he said he wanted to cry! lols. he can do the moon walk but is afraid to do the gee dance, haha.we'll see who is going to win. bhahahaha. but i have to learn to do the moon walk! arrrggh!! how am i supposed to do that?! anyone has any ideas?

i think i'm gonna learn through youtube : D the only way to learn folks. haha. he said i need kaki lembut, lols. i think my kaki is soft enough to do the moonwalk, haha. well anyway, let the challenge begins! we'll see who wins, bhahahaha.


Monday, November 1, 2010

rentap :D

thanks to nur amirah binti mat akhir, i got a picture of  me with face painting, lols. that time my class ada buat drama. it was about rentap ! i jadi follower dia, haha. good times : D. 

love is overrated :P

first of all kau tak sepadan langsung dengan dia. okay? you were more suitable with that 'girl'. she is more beautiful, smarter and out going than your current girlfriend. you jangan menyesal seumur hidup. because honestly , the girl you are with now is such a slut. i tak bermaksud untuk biadap but lets face the facts. 

you are an idiot la. seriously. how many times i told you to take care of her. but what did you do, tore her heart again and again. or you even human? answer me fool :( you boleh selamba tegur aku like i'm your friend while the girl that loves you is aching for your love. but you just look at her and do nothing. idiot la you, seriously! have you no respect towards the person who cares about you? whatever lah kau. hope you happy with the whore you call your 'girlfriend' ... 

to my dear friend, you don't deserve a guy like that. you deserve someone more better than that damn bastard. no more tears , darling. but i'll always be there to wipe them for you. : D that guy is a pain. no point fussing about a guy who is not worth our time , right? he's trash and you should know you deserve a guy that is willing to beg on his knees for you. :)

you don't want an idiot who leaves you to be with a girl that wears trashy clothes and make-up setebal kamus, lols. smile for me girl. there are plenty of guys lining up to be with you. you je yang ignore all those boys. that loser tak sedar how lucky he is to have you. always remember you are beautiful :) and don't waste any more tears for that loser. it breaks my heart girl :( forget that loser and lets go jogging at the park, haha.

its been a while since i met you. but you still stay in touch with me :) you were the perky one , remember? haha. but now you're so gloomy because of this idiot. you should have left him dari dulu lagi. but what to do, you sayang him too much. and look what happened. he left your heart bleeding :( forget him, he is your pass, go build a new future baby. : D. i'll be right next to you till the very end kawan :) 

no eye lids!

guess what? i woke up this morning, and then i felt like my right eye was swollen. so, i looked in the mirror and saw that my right eye had no eye lids! i know its weird for wanting no eye lids but thats just me : D . its probably because most koreans has no eye lids and i adore korean people. haha. a weird excuse but its true.

but only one of my eyes has no eye lid. so, its not a pretty sight to look at. muka i nampak macam orang yang baru kena tumbuk. i think i got bitten by a bug or something, haha. bobby keeps laughing at me, arrrrggggh. but i get use to that little brat. 

well anyway, i wanted no eyelids because eunhyuk from super junior, kevin from ukiss and junho from 2pm also doesn't have eye lids. super duper cool : D. but they don't look like they just got punched by a person, not like me, lols. well, if you don't know what having no eye lids look like . hers an image of eunhyuk and kevin. : D p/s: there were no images of junho that i can show right now, sorry :)