Monday, December 13, 2010


yesterday, i met bunkface with sarah diana yusof. she's a huge bunkface fan that is why i went with her :) i woke up at 7.10 a.m. sepatutnya dah bangun at 6.30 a.m. but tertidur balik, hehe. so, i ter-sembahyang subuh lambat. i had to arrive at 8.00 in klcc because that is the only time sarah's parents can send her. i rode the lrt to klcc. most of the people who went there were workin people :)

when i got off the train, sarah tak sampai lagi so i waited for her. when she arrived, we entered klcc. banyak lagi kedai tak bukak. maklumlah, it was 8.15, hha. so, we headed to tgv first but it wasn't open. so we just sat at the food court to wait. we didn't purchase anything from the food court so ada laa this girl yang kerja kat situ look at us weirdly. buat bodoh sudah, hha :)

when tgv has opened , we went in to buy tickets. we wanted to see 'due date' but it was 18pl. so, our alternate choice was 'the warriors way' and 'my soul to take'. it turns out it ws also 18pl. shit buhaii, hha. so, we tinggal rapunzel je la. i already watched it but didn't mind watching it twice because it was super funny, lols. the movie was at 11.30, since i was super hungry, we ate at the food court. sarah tak lapar, so i was the only one eating :)

rapunzel :)

bathroom :)

after watching the movie, we went to pray at the surau. lepas tu, we hung out at the park outside. super nice :) ramai couples tengah dating that time. awww :) hha. we just took some photos laa. we chatted and chatted. a lot of 'mat salleh' passed by. we were talking quite loud until the other couples stared at us but whatever la kan,, hha. so here are some pictures we took at the park :)

sarah and amina :)

*bajet comel

senyuman tak ikhlas , lols :)

sexy sarah, hha

look at the couples behind me :)

bracelets and sneakers sarah

*bajet comel (again) 

adorable sarah ;)

we then headed into hall 5 and had to go all the way until we reached hall 1. bunkface will be there ! haha. 
bila bunkface muncul, wow! sarah and i terpukau! haha. paan wore a pink shirt and a beanie hat! sam wore a vest with skinnies and youk wore a purple shirt with jeans. they did a acoustic version of extravaganza, situasi and prom queen super awesome :) 

*jelous at the girl next to paan, grrr

buah hati sarah , lols

menonton bunkface

cute green thing

cute green thing again 

there was a fan meeting after that. sumpah best! we get to take pictures with bunkface.
i got a picture with paan while sarah with sam. i even got a signature of paan on a receipt , he even wrote pamina ! keeping it forever <3

pamina forever <3

sarasam forever <3

buah hatiku <3

we went back by lrt after the event. i'm to tired to write anymore. here are some pictures sarah took of me at the train station <3 till then.

by the way, credit to sarah diana yusof for uploading the photos ! thank you friend :)



  1. yo shortcut yeeee. idk how to do it for short tgk blog aku. panjangg mcm kereta api. aku cerita satu satu. rasanya semua betul. tak sureeee.

    and yeah, yg pegang gitar mmg buah hati aku. and the vest looks good on him yo
    omg rindu gila babiiiiiii wehhhh

  2. haha. rindu doe :) sam milikmu. paan milikku ! hha