Monday, November 1, 2010

no eye lids!

guess what? i woke up this morning, and then i felt like my right eye was swollen. so, i looked in the mirror and saw that my right eye had no eye lids! i know its weird for wanting no eye lids but thats just me : D . its probably because most koreans has no eye lids and i adore korean people. haha. a weird excuse but its true.

but only one of my eyes has no eye lid. so, its not a pretty sight to look at. muka i nampak macam orang yang baru kena tumbuk. i think i got bitten by a bug or something, haha. bobby keeps laughing at me, arrrrggggh. but i get use to that little brat. 

well anyway, i wanted no eyelids because eunhyuk from super junior, kevin from ukiss and junho from 2pm also doesn't have eye lids. super duper cool : D. but they don't look like they just got punched by a person, not like me, lols. well, if you don't know what having no eye lids look like . hers an image of eunhyuk and kevin. : D p/s: there were no images of junho that i can show right now, sorry :)

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