Monday, November 29, 2010

i am a definite b2sty :)

b e a s t

as you can see my title, you probably wonder what is b2sty right? b2sty is a code name for the fans which includes me :) meet one of my fav korean boy groups b e a s t :) also known as b2st. they have six people in the group including hyun seung, gi kwang, do joon, dong woon, yo seob and jun hyung. their hits such as shock, bad girl, mystery, breathe, beautiful and mastermind has been rocking my ears :) this is their new music video , beautiful. have a look . its awesome. and they're so adorable and hot too!

if you have watched the video, it says to be continued right? well it it will be continued in their new song . it hasn't been released yet. but it will.

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