Friday, November 5, 2010

moonwalk vs gee dance


today was funny, haha. well, i was on my facebook and then chatted faridzal. suddenly, we started challenging ourselves! haha. he challenge me buat moonwalk while i challenge him to do the gee dance, haha. super funny! he didin't know how the gee dance was, so i told him to search at youtube.

 after he watched the music video, he said he wanted to cry! lols. he can do the moon walk but is afraid to do the gee dance, haha.we'll see who is going to win. bhahahaha. but i have to learn to do the moon walk! arrrggh!! how am i supposed to do that?! anyone has any ideas?

i think i'm gonna learn through youtube : D the only way to learn folks. haha. he said i need kaki lembut, lols. i think my kaki is soft enough to do the moonwalk, haha. well anyway, let the challenge begins! we'll see who wins, bhahahaha.


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