Sunday, October 31, 2010

today was full of nothingness ;(

today was so dull, i mean seriously! nothing to do mann. besides facing the computer the whole entire day. my eyes is going to bleed just by staring at it . well anyway i spent the whole day at home doing nothing but surfing the net. boring, dull and a waste of time. but i have nothing better to do. more problems occur sebab tiba-tiba je the norton anti-virus for my computer has expired! arrrggh :( ! i keep renewing it but it won't work. this causes the computer to be a little bit slower, great!

anxiously waiting for amal bt azhari to come back from tkc. so lonely without her. hmmmm :( still haven't contact ram and ayesha since i've gotten back from mrsm ps. they don't even know i'm back from that school of miseries. hahaha ;). well anyway, i'm out of credit. terrific. another reason i'm bored today.

my brother got new dvd's which is cats and dogs and toy story 3, but seriously malas to watch. sorry bro. i keep letting you down bobby dear. just a thumbs up, i call my brother bobby even if his real name is ismail imran. its a more suitable name for him, haha. my brother was cold so he searched for a jacket. he nampak the jacket si monyet got for me and terus pakai without asking my permission! but whatever lah, haha. bobby sumpah comel in that sweater! adorable gila kutt, haha. rasa nk tendang je budak gemuk tu. but i controlled my wild needs and his cheeks kena cubit puas-puas, lols. 

i chatted with khalisah on fb and she told me about her experience at her school carnival. she met her old friend, alif and aiman. both i kenal because khalisah introduce me to them. but we never even met just chatted on the phone bila kelly (thats what i call khalisah for short : D ) malas nak layan them, haha. i also chatted with sarah, and as usual we had a bunkface war , lols. she and sam while me with adorable paan (the guitarist) :)

this computer is starting to get on my nerves! just imagine, nak download songs and movies pun tak boleh. arrgghh :(. wanting so badly to download new korean ang english songs. i saw the trailer of easy a, flipped, get him to the greek and diary of a wimpy kid. wanted to watch all of them but this 'wonderful' computer won't allow me to download it. annoying much :(

i'm currently looking for a way to access the norton anti virus system. if you know do share. i sanggup call my sister in taiping to ask on how to do this, lols. well anyway, i guess this is it for now :) cause i takut nanti meleret la pulak, haha. thank you for reading and i am sorry if i waste any of your precious time people! 


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