Monday, November 1, 2010

love is overrated :P

first of all kau tak sepadan langsung dengan dia. okay? you were more suitable with that 'girl'. she is more beautiful, smarter and out going than your current girlfriend. you jangan menyesal seumur hidup. because honestly , the girl you are with now is such a slut. i tak bermaksud untuk biadap but lets face the facts. 

you are an idiot la. seriously. how many times i told you to take care of her. but what did you do, tore her heart again and again. or you even human? answer me fool :( you boleh selamba tegur aku like i'm your friend while the girl that loves you is aching for your love. but you just look at her and do nothing. idiot la you, seriously! have you no respect towards the person who cares about you? whatever lah kau. hope you happy with the whore you call your 'girlfriend' ... 

to my dear friend, you don't deserve a guy like that. you deserve someone more better than that damn bastard. no more tears , darling. but i'll always be there to wipe them for you. : D that guy is a pain. no point fussing about a guy who is not worth our time , right? he's trash and you should know you deserve a guy that is willing to beg on his knees for you. :)

you don't want an idiot who leaves you to be with a girl that wears trashy clothes and make-up setebal kamus, lols. smile for me girl. there are plenty of guys lining up to be with you. you je yang ignore all those boys. that loser tak sedar how lucky he is to have you. always remember you are beautiful :) and don't waste any more tears for that loser. it breaks my heart girl :( forget that loser and lets go jogging at the park, haha.

its been a while since i met you. but you still stay in touch with me :) you were the perky one , remember? haha. but now you're so gloomy because of this idiot. you should have left him dari dulu lagi. but what to do, you sayang him too much. and look what happened. he left your heart bleeding :( forget him, he is your pass, go build a new future baby. : D. i'll be right next to you till the very end kawan :) 

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