Thursday, June 2, 2011

family :)

last saturday, my family from perak and penang came over my house. wow! they slept over for two nights. they came over to see my dad. but, it was nice. family get together, that sort of thing. we makan kat luar , haha. no one wants to cook. haha. but it was nice. :)

first day, my aunt and uncle brought us to a briyani restaurant at chowkit. sumpah sedap :P yummy. then, we tried this mango lassie . deicious :)

that night , we went to this satay store in sungai buloh. memang terbaik laa kan :) haha. the best part was that we met yuna's boyfriend! haha . kebetulan gila, they were shooting for 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. so handsome ! :)

thats him. sorry tak clear. btw, this pic doesn't wanna rotate ! =="

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