Saturday, February 5, 2011

everyone !

hello people !

i hate my life :(
everyone is shit, they treat me as if i have no feelings
you can die ?

Y E S 

i learned that if we backstab someone, we feel good . 
but actually we're pathetic 
a loser

i feel angry because i actually call some of you people 'friends'
it sounds disgusting now since i met you :(

i hope you suffer the way i do.
i am sensitive 
i enjoy crying

just shut up.
don't tell me to stop being moody or crying 
because i feel relaxed when i do.

you people want fame or popularity?
you're just a fucking loser! 

because once you grow up
reality will hit your ugly face
and then you realised that studies are important!

and that is what makes you a 'somebody' is this awful world !
i'm not saying i don't enjoy gossiping but i have my limits
and maybe i'll try to stop
because i'll just be at the same level as those whores

whoever terasa,
you're the damn bitch 
who made me write this

so change your attitude 
and i'll also try to become a better person

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