Saturday, October 30, 2010

new blogger :D

hello fellow bloggers. well apparently, i'm  new here. lets start with the basics, my name is amina husna bt ibrahim khalid, i am 15, yess, i just finishd PMR , hooray! i currently live in petaling jaya and sungai buloh. used to live in bukit damansara. but not anymore since my parents want to upgrade the house in sg buloh. its complicated, i know. my second home has got to be mrsm pasir salak. i practically live there. its been 3 years babe. i'm actually addicted to twitter since saradianayusof introduced it to me. i have 3 siblings and i'm in the middle. it kind of sucks to be in the middle. well anyway, i've always wanted to do a blog but i made an oath , promising myself that i will only do a blog after pmr. so, here i am . haha.

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